Mousetrap –  a brand from the inner city of London, initialise a strong uphold in the handling and online distribution of quality apparel.

Our brand’s concept derives from the initial action one takes towards realising their purpose and then reaching their potential; but once we recognise that there is no limit to your potential   and  well that’s where life begins…

MTRP represent a lifestyle asserted to knowing how to manoeuvre through stagnation x adversity.

“Within the friction of the concrete, we still found a way to grow”  This quote signifies what the brand is about, no  matter the condition of our environment we must still remain focused on our mission for life.

Our sportswear and street styled apparel have been selected directly through our team, maintaining discernment in obtaining high quality material.

The vision is for Mousetrap to be represented correctly worldwide and for every individual who supports MTRP to reach within their personal journey(s) uncovering their potential, being driven by purpose.

– (please wash products according to instructions on the label inside the garment).
– Any enquiries may be sent to info@mtrpldn.com



Mission To Realise Potential

Any product may be returned or exchanged within the first 9 days of purchase providing it be unworn and in a saleable condition.