MTRP Meaning

Mousetrap LDN

The Mousetrap LDN title represents ‘the come up’ and the struggle(s) of identifying purpose within an environment that can make it difficult for you to recognise your power.

“Within the friction of the concrete we still find a way to grow”.

Our original street/sportwear company, poses as a reminder to the rest of the authentic population who refuse to be confined by societies limitations or expectations; we are for the dreamers who prevail using talent and consistency.

We consider quality before anything and put style over everything, we deliver premium sportswear internationally with enough range for him and her.

Mousetrap fashion is a London based business with top tier products selected within the UK; the cotton used for our t-shirts and crewnecks are made 100% organically and bring the best comfort to your skin.

We use our MTRP Mission To Realise Potential logo not only as an acronym for Mousetrap but as a message to encourage the visionaries to keep moving forward on their journey to success.

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“Within the friction of the concrete we still find a way to grow”.

Curtis Green —  CEO of Mousetrap LDN